Dams Safety Council Functions Country Profile Acievements
Head of the Cell Mr. Ather Hameed , Chief Engineer (DSC)



    • Construction of Papin Dam Project
    • Bakrala Dam Project Jhelum
    • Construction of Ghabir Dam District Chakwal
    • Construction of Chrah Dam Project
    • PC-II Proforma of Chiniot Dam Project
    • PC-II Proforma of Pre-feasibility Study of Dudhnial Dam
    • PC-II Proforma of Bhimber Dam Project


    • Revised PC-I proforma for essential work at Hub Dam Project
    • PC-I Proforma for construction of Braran Dam in Sindh
    • 75 Small dams Recharge Dams and Detention etc located in Kohistan and Nagar Parkar Area of Arid Zone in Sindh
    • PC-II proforma of Seven (07) Dams in Kohistan Region Sindh.
    • PC-II proforma for Review of Feasibility Study, Preparation of Project Planning Report, Detailed Engineering Design and Tender Documents of Nai Gaj Dam Project
    • PC-I proforma of Sita Dam Project
    • PC-I proforma for Darwat Storage Dam
    • PC-I proforma for construction of seven (07) Gravity Weirs/Small Dam in Lower Kohistan.
    • Construction of Project Management for Project Director in Hyderabad Sindh.
    • Construction of Six (06) Gravity Weirs/Small Dams in Upper and Central Kohistan Sindh.
    • PC-II for Acquiring Consultancy.
    • PC-I proforma “Rehabilitation and extension of Four (04) Irrigation Bund in Nagar Parkar Sindh.


    • Construction of 20 Nos. Small Dams in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
    • Construction of Chamk Mira Dam, District Abbotabad.
    • Construction of Zamir Gul Dam District Kohat.
    • Construction of Chapra Dam District Haripur.
    • Construction of Gadwalian Dam Project, Haripur.
    • Construction of Laughar Dam, District Karak
    • Construction of Karak Dam Project, Karak.
    • Construction of Sanam Dam Project District Dir.
    • Construction of Kundal Dam Project District Swabi.
    • Construction of Daraban Dam Project, D.I Khan.
    • Construction of Choudwan Dam , D.I. Khan
    • Construction of Shaikh Haider Dam, D.I. Khan
    • Construction of Tora Wari Dam District Hango
    • Construction of Darmalak Dam Project, District Kohat.
    • Construction of Jabba Khattak Dam, District Nowshera
    • Construction of Khair Bara Dam Project, District Haripur.
    • Feasibility Study of Small Dam in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
    • Baran Dam
    • Construction of Panjtar Dam Project, District Bunir.
    • PC-II proforma of Thappi Dam, District Mansehra
    • Construction of Shah Kaleem Dam Project, District Nowshera
    • Construction of Palai Dam Project, District Charsada.
    • Construction of Kiyala Dam Project, District Abbotabad.
    • Construction of Sumari Dam Project, District Kohat.


    • PC-I proforma of Sabzai Dam Project
    • irani Dam Project.
    • PC-II of condition of Survey for Rehabilitation of Infrastructure and Delay Action Dam in Balochistan.
    • 20-Delay Action Dam out of 100 Dams 1st Package.
    • 10-Delay Action Dam.
    • PC-I for Pelar Storage Dam, Awaran, Balochistan.
    • PC-II proforma for Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design and Tender Documents of Badin Zai Dam Project.
    • Umbrella PC-I for construction of 3 Nos Dams in District Musa Khel, Balochistan.
    • Noulang Dam Project.
    • Hingol Dam Multipurpose Dam
    • PC-I for Garuk Storage Dam District Kharan.
    • PC-I for Bosal Storage Dam District Gawadar.
    • Revised PC-II for Sukleji Dam Project.
    • Construction of Wali Dad Delay Action Dam Hazar Gangi District Quetta.
    • Revised PC-I of Winder Dam
    • Strengthening/upgrading of Akra Kaur Dam for Water Supply scheme Gawadar Town.
    • Revised PC-I for construction of Shadi Kaur Dam and Appurment works.
    • PC-II for Consultancy services for Feasibility Study/Detailed Design for 13 Dams site under Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan.
    • PC-II proforma for Feasibility Study of 200 Check Dams in Balochistan.
    • Revised PC-I for construction of Torwari Batozai Dam Killa Saifullah.


    • Bara Dam in Khyber Agency
    • Construction of Check Dam in South Waziristan
    • Construction of Maidani Small Dam in Kurram Agency
    • Kurram Tangi Dam.