11. Preparation of Draft National Water Policy (2005)

At Present Pakistan is facing with a number of challenges in the water sector. These include Emerging water shortages, water logging and salinity, flood management, inadequacy of Water for drinking and sanitation, quality of water, rought management, impact of climate Change on water resources, and a host of other issues. Financing of water sector projects and institutional reforms for water sector management are also very important areas of Concern. To address the above issues in a holistic and integrated and integrated manner a Comprehensive National Water Policy was prepared in 2005 after consulting all the Stakeholders and thorough study by the consultants appointed with World Bank assistance.



12. Kotri studies to check sea water intrusion (2005)

i.   Study-I: Study on Water Escapages below Ktri Barrage to check Seawater Intrusion
ii.  Study-II: Study on Water Escapages Downstream of the Kotri Barrage to address Environmental Concerns
iii. Study- III: Environmental Concerns of all the Four Provinces (Excluding the areas covered in studies I & II)



3. Second Flood Protection Sector Project –II (1998-2007)

-     Cost actually spent                                                       Rs 4,165 million
-     No. of Flood Protection Schemes                                101
-     Funding Agency                                                        80% by ADB,
                                                                                     20% by GOP
-     Including Flood Forecasting & Water System               Rs 432.123 million
-     (Brief Summary can be added by Flood Cell)


14. The study on Comprehensive Flood Mitigation and Environmental Implement Plan Of Lai Nullah Basin in Pakistan (2003)


15. Flood Forecasting & Warning System for Lai Nullah Basin In Islamabad-Rawalpindi (2007)

-     Approved Cost                                                               Rs 360 million

-    Cost actually spent                                                          Rs 348 million

-    Funding                  -           Japanese Grant – in- A id        Rs 337 million
                                  -           GOP share                              Rs 11.00 million

-     Facilities provided include:      - Two No. Telemetry rainfall gauging stations at Golra, Islamabad and Bokra, Islamabad
                                                  -  Two No. water level gauging stations at Kattarin Bridge, Rawalpindi and Gawal Mandi Bridge, Rawalpindi.
                                                  -    Master control station in PMD, Islamabad.


16. GTZ assisted feasibility studies for small Hydel projects (may be updated by power Section)

           FUTURE PLANS

  • To ensure implementation of National Water Policy
  • To ensure effective management of Flood Hazard on country wide basis.
  • To help in overall water management at national level
  • To encourage hydropower development in country